bière Ippon | bièere artisanale québecoise

Ippon beers celebrate the passage of time and seasons.  They are the culmination of influences from gastronomy , ‘terroir’ and collaborations.  

Ippon is about balance in a world of excess.  

Our Signature Beers
Ippon Gingembre et Poivre Sansho

This beer is the quintessential sushi beer! It also pairs with Indian cuisine, tacos and other spicy dishes. 


ippon Ginger and sansho Pepper

Lagered blonde ale with organic ginger and Japanese pepper

Ippon Soba Lager

This easy-drinking beer will highlight most Asian dishes, most notably Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian dishes.  


ippon Soba Lager

German-style blonde lager with buckwheat

Our Seasonal Beers
Aki No Seishin ('Esprit d'Automne')

Hamburgers, vanilla or maple-flavoured desserts, soy-glazed grilled dishes.  


aki no seishin ('autumn spirit')  

Brown ale brewed with candycap mushrooms

Aki No Seishin Impériale

Grilled red meats with strong-flavoured sweet sauces, gourmet chocolate, or to be enjoyed on its own as a digestif.  


Aki no seishin impériale

Strong brown ale, matured in oak barrels that previously held Cognac

Nichbotsu ('Soleil couchant')

Nichibotsu ('Sunset')

Blend of hoppy barrel-aged sour beer, bottle conditioned with organic tangelo juice 


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Brewed by Avant Garde and in partnership with Bières Jukebox, Montréal, Québec